Nerdio Private Cloud

Complete Private Cloud IT environments,
totally productized and ready to rock

Core Technologies

Core Technologies
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Office 365
  • Security
  • Backup & DR

You can’t beat the Nerdio VDI specs: VMware Horizon View 7, blazing fast all-flash storage, and up to 1gbps, unmetered internet connection per desktop. Plus, full auto-provisioning within hours. The awesomeness speaks for itself.

You know how expensive and time-consuming physical servers can be - including their price tags, maintenance, and management. Nerdio virtual servers set you free.

Private cloud desktops come ready for users on day one. They’ll be preloaded with Single Sign-on and Active Directory Federation, provisioned right out of the box.

With Nerdio, sensitive data is safe and sound in clients’ very own private cloud IT environment. And thanks to virtual desktops, safe regardless of device or location.

Complete system backups (all servers and desktops) in just one click. Plus automated out-of-region Disaster Recovery and fail-over testing.

Management Layer

Management Layer
  • Provisioning
  • Management
  • Optimization

Automatically and easily set up brand new IT environments in under two hours.

Full automation of each and every aspect of your IT system management, in just three clicks or less - all in one convenient location.

Take control of IT costs by only paying for what you consume - no more overspending for unused resources.

MSP Services Layer

MSP Services Layer
  • Migration
  • IT Strategy
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Support
  • Line of Business Apps

The migration process is totally seamless. One day users will be working on old, unsafe desktops, and the next day they’ll be on their brand-spanking-new virtual desktops with the same apps and user experience they had before - just with way better security, speed, flexibility, and more. All the while, the virtual infrastructure will be chugging away behind the scenes.

Nerdio partners provide personalized, high-quality IT consultancy. Technology guidance, training, reviewing, and so much more to advise you on your cloud journey.

As you know, servers, desktops, networks, and other technologies can be finicky creatures. They’ll choose the worst moments to get all wonky. Such issues are best mitigated with regular maintenance and constant vigilance. That’s where authorized Nerdio partners come through.

Does a user have a question about logging onto their desktop? Or how email archiving is setup? Nerdio partners are ready to save the day - happy to assist with any IT question, big or small.

Users have their mission-critical line-of-business apps, and the Nerdio platform has a place to host them. Nerdio partners are there to make sure these LOB apps get migrated seamlessly.

Now that you’ve seen the different layers of Nerdio Private Cloud,
here’s another perspective. Check out the system architecture.

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Implementing Nerdio not only was a major cost reduction to the tune of six figures, but it really enabled our business model to grow rapidly.
Jonathan Scala, CFO, Health Check Incorporated
Jonathan Scala CFO Health Check Incorporated
Nerdio was great, they worked really closely with us and were on-site for a couple days to make sure that everybody was comfortable. Nerdio was there for our beck and call, 24/7! It’s amazing that I can call them during the day and they always get back to me within minutes.
Bekki Kaplan, Executive Director, Beth Emet Synagogue
Bekki Kaplan Executive Director Beth Emet Synagogue
I truly thought the transition with Nerdio went extremely well and when we had any questions – Alex and George immediately addressed and resolved our questions, concerns, and issues. I would like to get some brochures to pass out to clients to recommend you to them as well. Thank you very, very much.
George P Malec, CPA, Somnium
George P Malec CPA Somnium
Congratulations on 10 years! What a fantastic accomplishment. We are especially fortunate to be working with a company like Nerdio. We are continually grateful for the support and guidance we receive from each and every one of you. Cheers to the next 10 years!
Summer Chance, Communications and Compliance Manager, Professional National Title Network
Summer Chance Communications and Compliance Manager Professional National Title Network
Our employees are able to access the system from anywhere, which is very beneficial to business! We can call Nerdio and say ‘We need someone to set up a new workstation’ and within an hour it’s all taken care of.
Aaron Wasserman, President, Atomic Transport
Aaron Wasserman President Atomic Transport
Just wanted to send my thanks for your help this week and since the inception of our relationship. We are proud customers of Nerdio and thankful for our relationship.
Jon Scala, CFO, Health Check
Jon Scala CFO Health Check
Since going live with Nerdio in 2014, we haven’t had any downtime, and the user experience with Nerdio has been fantastic! Nerdio has been one of the best decisions I’ve made - I’ve had a lot more time to focus on core business.
Carey Weddle, Director of Finance & Administration, Blue Ribbon Transport
Carey Weddle Director of Finance & Administration Blue Ribbon Transport
Nerdio takes the hardware out of computing. We got what we were looking for and there's no looking back... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nerdio, it's a 10 out of 10.
Phil DePaul, Director of Operations, Coastal Plumbing Supply Co.
Phil DePaul Director of Operations Coastal Plumbing Supply Co.
I tell people all the time... The two best operational decisions I have made are buying my office building and outsourcing IT to Nerdio.
Larry Herman, President, Herman Agency
Larry Herman President Herman Agency
I was amazed at how easy working with Nerdio is. People need to be aware of how attentive this company is. Few companies are this responsive. It’s been the right decision.
Ralph Droz, President, MDR Sterling
Ralph Droz President MDR Sterling
Jason/Nerdio - Thanks for saving us on a last second request!
Carey Weddle, Director of Finance & Administration, Blue Ribbon Transportation
Carey Weddle Director of Finance & Administration Blue Ribbon Transportation
The initial ‘Go-Live’ experience was a real positive one with Nerdio. It really was like a switch being flipped! I couldn’t be more pleased with the response that we got, and still get, any time that we need anything.
Summer Chance, Communications and Compliance Manager, Professional National Title Network
Summer Chance Communications and Compliance Manager Professional National Title Network
Choosing Nerdio is one of the best strategic decisions our business has made in the last few years.
Daniel Bleier, President, Able Distributors, Inc.
Daniel Bleier President Able Distributors, Inc.

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