Nerdio's Story

A few snippets of our history; from before Nerdio was even an idea, up to present day. Scroll away.


Nerdio’s founders met way back in 2005, where they were running a small-business IT services company. Back then, most of their time was spent performing break-fix tasks, as well as backing up data that had been stored locally at each business. There had to be a better way.

So, they fixed that problem by providing online backup services where they’d host all of a customer’s data. But how much of their customers’ IT infrastructure could and should they look after?

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), everyone loved having someone else to look after all of their IT needs, so the team began offering this unique service to all of their customers.

Over the years, they became experts in data center operations, virtualization technologies, and storage technologies. By 2009, the group was doing complete VDI deployments (before VDI was a thing).


Then, they figured out how to deliver IT infrastructure services by secure private network. Soon enough, there were users around the world and the company was growing rapidly, and at 100% recurring revenue by 2010.

2016 was the magical year that Nerdio was born (you know, figuratively), bringing users automation of complete IT environments in the cloud. Taking what we learned from those years as a service provider – we standardized, productized, and deployed what became Nerdio for Private Cloud. We also partnered up with some cool tech leaders like Kaseya, Mimecast, Kaspersky, VMware, and more.


In 2017, Nerdio went public… cloud, that is. We launched Nerdio for Azure, automation that totally simplifies the provisioning, management, and optimization on Microsoft’s trusted cloud.

In 2018, we kept upping our product management and development game with major new features and functionality like white labeling, an Azure Cost Calculator, an Azure packaging tool, Hybrid AD, Autoscaling for RDS Collections, and four new and totally awesome use cases: Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Line of Business (LOB) server management, Hosted RDS, and full IT stack (ITaaS).


And growth was no joke, either. Nerdio signed an agreement with SherWeb for global distribution. With more than 7,000 resellers worldwide, SherWeb is a great partner for our exponential growth strategy. And more major partnerships are in the works.

Nerdio locked in some prestigious recognition and awards. Among them: A 5-star rating from CRN’s 2018 Partner Program Guide and Chicago’s “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” distinction. Not too shabby. Nerdio also received the coveted Co-Sell Ready designation from Microsoft. We already knew we were part of an elite group of global ISVs, but now we have the badge to prove it.

The best is yet to come. Stay tuned for more news from us.


no clunky interface

We believe in cutting-edge, bad*ss technology.

So no buggy software, no clunky interfaces, no learning curves, and no more headaches. Just effortless IT management to make clients’ work lives a heck of a lot easier. Using the best of what’s out there, and architected with our own secret sauce added. We’re ready to rock when you are.

We’re tech nerds and geeks – and proud of it.

We obsess over things like the latest in virtual desktops, Exchange servers, TLS 128-bit email encryption, integration methodologies, and much more. We obviously love being up on all the latest tech, and our customers have come to expect that level of knowledge, commitment, and passion from us. It’s our duty as nerds.

customer service

While we’re a technology company, we also happen to have ridiculously good customer service behind us.

From the quality of MSPs that work with us, to our Nerdio support behind the scenes – we put ourselves in your shoes and always do the right thing.

We believe in empowerment of IT professionals.

Our aim is to free IT staff from the reactive and mundane, and elevate them to where they should always be – sitting at the leadership table as key technology-based drivers for their organizations.

Meet The Team

The fancy-title Nerdios

(the ones getting the credit for everybody else’s hard work)

Our senior team is jam-packed with passionate and motivated leaders who’re full of knowledge, experience, and (usually) worthwhile advice. Take a peek:

  • Vadim Vladimirskiy  


    As a creative technologist with an aptitude for business, Vadim is the CEO at Nerdio. He is the visionary and key driver behind the creation and evolution of innovative cloud IT management platforms like Nerdio for Azure, bringing them to market in dynamic ways.

  • Joseph Landes  

    Chief Revenue Officer

    During his 23-year career at Microsoft, Joseph held numerous senior leadership positions around the world. Joseph’s role at Nerdio is to significantly scale the Nerdio for Azure program and lead the company’s go-to-market sales and marketing activities.

  • John Mario

    Senior VP, Operations

    John is an accomplished IT professional with a unique ability to develop and deliver creative technology-based solutions. John ensures that all Nerdio customers are in the best of hands by heading up the Support, Onboarding, and Customer Success teams.

  • Kevin Murray  

    VP, Partner Solutions

    Kevin is an operations executive with 20 years of experience developing inventive solutions to complex problems. Skilled in leading cross-functional teams, Kevin has a strong focus on improving sales performance, customer service, and financial results.

  • Amol Dalvi  

    VP, Product

    Amol’s career began in software development in the ‘90s and hasn’t slowed down. Amol co-founded a marketing software firm and was an angel investor in innovative startups. Now at Nerdio, Amol’s passion lies in building easy-to-use, uber-intuitive software.

  • Bret Maxwell  

    Board Member

    Bret is a Managing General Partner at MK Capital. He is also the Managing General Partner on three of the Productivity Funds totaling $200 million in committed capital. Bret’s expertise includes outsourced business services, telecom, and internet infrastructure.

  • Harry Zoberman  

    Board Member

    Harry is an innovative technology executive and visionary with extensive experience in all facets of creating profitable, revenue growth. This includes having very successfully served as Vice President of Software Solutions of CDW LLC and CDW Corporation.



The rest of the Nerdios

As true superheroes, they can be shy about revealing their true identities, but you can catch glimpses of them on our social media.


People, Culture, and Careers

People, Culture, and Careers video cover

To keep offering killer technology and continue growing rapidly, we have some seriously skilled and super motivated people working behind the scenes to keep our technology advances going strong.

Oh, but we’re so much more than just a super IT management company. We are foosball playing, coffee drinking, ping pong smashing, craft beer sipping, tech geeks. And from countless cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, sizes, shapes, video game preferences… you get the idea.

Every company talks about people, but we walk the talk. Awesome people work at Nerdio – and for good reason. We take good care to nurture and cultivate our Nerdio family.

If you have the skills, and you like the sound of our crazy world, check out our open positions. We’re always stoked to have great humanoids join the collective.