Data Tech Cafe Case Study

May 9th, 2018

Helping to grow the efficiency and productivity of IT technology for small to medium size businesses, Data Tech Cafe needed a reliable and affordable way to keep their customers connected in the cloud.

Seann Moreno is the Chief Operating Officer at Data Tech Cafe, a company dedicated to managing IT technology solutions for growing businesses in areas like healthcare and wireless services. They also partner with companies by offering support, consulting, and business transformation to help them grow. In one impressive example, Data Tech Cafe helped a customer expand from forty locations to over five hundred nationwide. Suffice to say, Seann and his team know what they’re doing.

Data Tech Cafe not only sells Nerdio Private Cloud to their customers, but they love the product so much that they even use it themselves. Nerdio products helped to ease the stress of customers and keep Data Tech Cafe’s business running even after a disastrous office fire.

We look for someone like Nerdio as a technology partner that can provide that enterprise customer service experience, to give us that world-class experience for our customers.
Seann Moreno – Chief Operating Officer, Data Tech Cafe.

Technology rapidly changes and updates extraordinarily fast nowadays. It’s a challenge for companies to keep up. Seann was continually dealing with expensive upgrades of hardware for his customers. Difficulties associated with migrating software data over and the problem of possibly losing a hard drive and the backup disk – just to get customers up and running right away – proved to be pretty laborious.

If only he had affordable cloud software to make it all run smoothly with a team to assist in hardware upgrades. That’s where Nerdio swooped in to save the day!

With internet connection speeds expanding to a place where people at home can have a larger bandwidth than ever before, cloud services have become viable for everyone. Seann discovered that using Nerdio Private Cloud gives access to an ‘enterprise experience’ that’s now affordable to the small and medium-sized business.

When it’s time for a Data Tech Cafe customer to upgrade, Nerdio takes care of the entire process with stellar service. Seann doesn’t worry about issues with converting and migrating software data or installing hardware technology. He’s confident that customers will receive the latest and greatest from Nerdio each and every time.

Seann first met with Nerdio at an MSP Conference in Las Vegas. Once he learned about the product and what it could do for his business, Data Tech Cafe immediately jumped on board. They decided to become a partner and implemented Nerdio Private Cloud themselves so they could benefit from having the same experience as their customers.

Their kitchen caught fire and the Data Tech Cafe office had to close for several days. How would they get work done as a team if they couldn’t meet in the same place?

The virtual desktop from Nerdio is what Seann likes to call an “Enterprise Data Center In a Box” experience. Working through Nerdio Private Cloud and its virtual infrastructure is a way of life for Seann and his employees. Without it, having to call his entire team about closing the office due to fire would have slowed down work progress immensely. Not for Data Tech Cafe.

They informed all employees and explained that they had an office fire so everyone would need to work from home. No problem. Each person was able to open their laptop or home PC, log on to their desktop remotely, and continue working as if nothing had happened.

Nerdio Private Cloud made it possible for Data Tech Cafe to continue moving forward even though their office was shut down for a few days. They could easily support their customers and still give the world-class service experience expected of them.

Seann feels like his company is a part of the Nerdio family. He appreciates that they go above and beyond to give the very best customer service experience and an added feeling of inclusivity. Feeling welcome at all times, Seann knows his concerns are as important as the next guy’s.

Nerdio is there by your side. I call them my Woobie. I’m comfortable; I got my security blanket. They make it comfortable for me to go to sleep at night, to wake up in the morning and know that I have that support. I have my desktop available at any time and wherever I need it 24/7.
Seann Moreno – Chief Operating Officer, Data Tech Cafe.

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