Although law itself is usually based on precedent, your legal IT strategy must always be looking forward. Gone are the days when you could outsource your IT to anybody and go about your business. You must ensure that your, and hence your clients’, cybersecurity is in good hands.

Whether they’re large corporations or individuals, prospective and existing legal clients are knowledgeable about tech nowadays. Although they may not understand how IT works, they’ll likely ask what measures you’re taking to keep their information secure. They may even present you with specific security requirements. With Nerdio, you’ll have the answers—and this may make the difference between winning clients and losing them to your competition.

And in the case of a security audit, since the Nerdio platform will have your back, you won’t lose any sleep. No more than usual, that is.

legal_Guard against

Guard against ever-present threats

The Panama Papers incident and Cravath/Weil breach aren’t likely to be the last of the large-scale cyberattacks in the legal world. Hackers are continually evolving in an attempt to stay one step ahead of security efforts.

Implement full protection against hackers, breaches, and viruses with Nerdio. You’ll get a dedicated next-gen firewall, encrypted data transmission, and tons more military-grade security features.

legal_Internet threats

Internal threats: the devil you don’t know—or do

Employee theft is a possibility in any industry. Even legal workers who think they’re being careful may be adhering to security practices from yesteryear. It’s no longer enough to rely on anti-virus software and an eight-character password to protect client data.

The Nerdio platform offers continuous employee monitoring, restricted permission settings, multifactor authentication, file-access alerts, and more. Sound complex? Not with Nerdio. A central management portal makes everything quick and easy to keep track of.

Take work home or on the road without the risk

Your legal staff surely puts in long hours. Because nobody wants to live at the office, it’s critical to offer secure, round-the-clock access to PCs.

Nerdio lets users take care of business anywhere without inadvertently leaking information or violating clients’ rights and trust. Even better, the desktop environment looks and feels the same on every internet-capable device, from laptops to smartphones. Access any data, anywhere, anytime.

Compliance not complacency

We’re not attorneys but we know that at least some of your clients’ regulatory requirements may flow through to the firms working for them. Aside from the obvious ethical duties, there are also parallel common law duties defined by case law in the various states, breach of which can result in a malpractice action.

In addition, you likely have contractual obligations to protect your clients’ data. This is particularly the case for clients in regulated industries that have requirements to protect privacy and security, such as those in financial services and health care (you can read more specifically about Nerdio’s HIPAA compliance here).

No matter what the regulatory environment, Nerdio’s built-in multi-layer security helps ensure your clients’ data, all behind the scenes.

Backup and disaster recovery that beats briefcases and binders, hands down

Losing information leads to lost clients, cases, money, and respect. With Nerdio, daily or hourly backups have you and your clients covered in every scenario. Even our backups have backups.
So you’ll have no IT risk exposure.


Just as your clients come to your firm based on it’s expertise and experience, so do law firms to Nerdio. We know your space and have ensured that the Nerdio platform fits your specialized needs.

Even more

legal_Happy user experience

User experience

The Nerdio platform is ridiculously easy to use. In fact, it isn’t any different from what users are used to already.

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Transparent, predictable, all-in pricing

Flat per-user per-month pricing for a comprehensive IT environment.