Lloyd Industries Case Study

February 16th, 2018


Lloyd Industries, a well-established manufacturer of commercial baking solutions for the pizza, baking and restaurant industries, has been the best in the biz since 1986. Through their online store, LloydPans.com, they sell eco-friendly cookware to independent pizzerias and restaurants. But when it came to their IT management needs, Lloyd Industries was hungry for a more satisfying strategy.

With so much of their business relying on quick communication and productivity, it was important to find effectual results for all of their IT needs. By
finding cost effective and lightning-fast solutions to their problems, Nerdio delivered precisely the right order.

Lloyd’s outdated IT network created plenty of irritating issues for the company and its clients. The IT network, software, and equipment were ancient, running far too slowly for business to be done efficiently. Their server was on its last leg- You could practically hear it coughing and sputtering. Most
clients had begun using newer technology, incompatible with Lloyd’s, making information exchange nearly impossible.

Moving to Nerdio, Adar’s cloud-based system, gave Lloyd the speed they were looking for. Smart monitors, T1 and high-speed DSL lines were installed as redundant back-up. The complex migration also involved linking a wide variety of technologies for telephony, CRM, and Accounting. Using virtual desktops, users can now easily access the latest versions of Microsoft, Excel, Word, and Outlook software. The technology makes sharing information seamless and easy, accessible from any internet-enabled device at any location. Now employees are able to focus on servicing clients and making sales.

With a business focus on superior customer service and products, IT technology just hadn’t been a priority. But if they wanted to keep cooking up sales, all that had to change. Simply put, Lloyd’s IT was in desperate need of an overhaul. New hardware and software would cost a pretty penny, and integrating multiple systems was complicated. Management decided that outsourcing IT responsibilities would be the best solution, if they could find it at the right price.

Adar was able to serve up a big ol’ slice of savings for Lloyd with streaming IT from Nerdio. By eliminating the cost of buying new hardware and software, the company saved on initial costs and the upfront investment. And with customizable options for service, Lloyd chose the option best suited to their unique needs. The cherry, (or rather, the pepperoni) on top is that Nerdio carries an affordable and predictable fixed monthly rate.

Who would’ve guessed that a company in Spokane, Washington, would be best served by a company based 1,700 miles away? Well, we would have. Nerdio’s cloud-based recipe for IT took Lloyd Industries exactly where it needed to be, increasing efficiency, productivity, and compatibility. “We used a local company
at first but they did not have the cloud solution,” said Allan Ganger, Controller. “Adar charged the same price but did more for us… I have worked with many IT professionals and haven’t met anyone who uses and applied their expertise as much as Adar does.” Nerdio now serves as the company’s full-service,
outsourced IT department, handling all technology issues remotely, even after hours. And that is worth some serious dough.

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