Momkus McCluskey LLC Case Study

May 29th, 2019

Providing top-notch legal services is the number one priority for Momkus McCluskey LLC. So, naturally, they turned to Nerdio to take care of their IT systems and maximize their overall productivity.

Momkus McCluskey LLC is a full-service law firm serving clients throughout the Chicagoland and Northern Illinois regions. Since Ed Momkus and Jim McCluskey founded the company in 1989, the firm has become one of the largest in DuPage county. They offer skilled legal representation across a variety of areas, from commercial and civil litigation to family and healthcare law. Their clients range from local, Chicago-area businesses to global Fortune 500 corporations.

Before turning to Nerdio, Momkus McCluskey’s IT systems weren’t operating efficiently. The firm’s outdated computer hardware and software were a serious security risk. Working closely with Nerdio and a certified Nerdio partner, Momkus McCluskey migrated their entire IT system to cloud-based infrastructure within two months, effectively ending their technology woes.

Note: The name Nerdio in this case study is used to refer to the Nerdio platform itself, the company, as well as the certified Nerdio partner providing expert managed IT services

PROBLEM 1 – Outdated equipment and storage rental space
When business litigator Jennifer Friedland was promoted to Managing Partner of Momkus McCluskey, one of her first initiatives was to address what she referred to as “a terrible IT situation.” The firm’s software and hardware were outdated, and they were wasting money storing their servers in a dedicated on-site room.

Though Mrs. Friedland knew that moving to a cloud-based system would be the best option, she also knew that the sheer volume of available options would require extensive, time-consuming research. Still, she was committed to incorporating an IT solution that would help the firm follow security best practices, since their clients’ privacy was a top concern.

Luckily, a consultant working with the firm referred them to the software company, Nerdio. Nerdio’s Private Cloud is a seamlessly Integrated IT as a Service (ITaaS) platform that gives organizations the comprehensive cloud IT infrastructure and components they need to run their businesses efficiently.

Nerdio streamlined Momkus McCluskey’s technology infrastructure, removing the costly burden of managing and maintaining on-site servers. Since information technology is the workhorse of most businesses, however, there was some concern about how smooth and efficient the process would be.

To help Momkus McCluskey feel comfortable with the transition, Nerdio performed an in-depth audit and assessment of the law firm’s IT environment. Then, Nerdio provided a dedicated transition team and devised a full timeline­ (with deliverables) for upgrading to a more secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure. The new system was up and running within two months.

In our business, our time is literally money. We really needed our technology to empower and enhance our work and not hold us back as our old IT system was doing,” Friedland notes. “Nerdio put together a go-live plan detailing the process for getting our entire IT in the cloud and executed everything within just 2 months. Jennifer Friedland, Managing Partner at Momkus McCluskey

PROBLEM 2 – Inadequate disaster recovery and lost time
One of the biggest issues Nerdio uncovered in the audit of Momkus McCluskey’s original infrastructure setup was that the existing backup and disaster recovery processes were completely inadequate. In addition, their off-site data replication was not occurring frequently enough to keep pace with the firm’s needs. Momkus McCluskey frequently works with large volumes of information, so losing any amount of data because of backup issues means a significant loss of time and money.

Mrs. Friedland was frustrated with software and operating system inconsistencies. Whenever applications needed updating, it had to be done on a per-computer basis. Often, applications – including the one used to bill clients – would stop working without warning. It had gotten so bad that employees would have to email files to different computers due to their own PC being too outdated. The firm’s VPN was so problematic that Mrs. Friedland had given up on working from home.

Nerdio’s comprehensive, cloud-based solutions deliver a consistent user experience and compatibility across the board – exactly what Momkus McCluskey needed.

A range of solutions – including unlimited virtual servers, virtual desktops, collaboration tools, integration with Microsoft 365, enhanced security, and serious backup and disaster recovery systems – allowed the firm to operate seamlessly, without technological headaches. This also resolved the backup problem; Momkus McCluskey’s staff was able to run comprehensive checks anytime they wanted.

Thanks to the completely cloud-based IT environment that now takes care of everything, Momkus McCluskey’s employees no longer need to do things like research solutions to technology blips, update applications, or wonder if their information is safe. They can simply do their work instead of wasting time trying get their computers to cooperate, effectively solving their inefficiency dilemma.

Nerdio also made it possible for the firm’s employees to work remotely again! Virtual desktops offer employees secure remote access to all of their applications, documents, and data, from anywhere and at any time. Mrs. Friedland recently issued new laptops with Nerdio virtual desktops on them to the attorneys working under her so that they could take advantage of Nerdio’s remote access capabilities, and the firm has seen a profound uptick in productivity.

We have such a prolific amount of information being worked on at any given time that the idea of losing just an hour’s work would be devastating. Thankfully, Nerdio has empowered us to feel secure with fully comprehensive backups, which we can opt to do as often as we like, including every 15 minutes.
Jennifer Friedland, Managing Partner at Momkus McCluskey

Momkus McCluskey operates at a much higher level than before thanks to their streamlined virtual desktops. Now, the attorneys can focus on what they do best – practicing law – instead of worrying about annoying technical or security issues.

According to Mrs. Friedland, the firm was used to having on-site IT staff, and she wasn’t sure if Nerdio’s tech support team could replace that. Despite this, she says that the support team has gone above and beyond to ensure that Momkus McCluskey is completely taken care of. With Nerdio on their team, the firm doesn’t even have to think about their IT.

I think the most game-changing impact that Nerdio has had is in taking the burden of complexity and excessive cost out of the IT equation,” says Friedland. “It’s the biggest relief that we don’t even have to think about our IT – because not only do we have a solid foundation for our infrastructure, the Nerdio team takes care of everything else for us.
Jennifer Freidland, Managing Partner at Momkus McCluskey

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