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  • Happy Clients, Happy Life Happy Clients, Happy Life Happy Clients, Happy Life
  • Implement Now Implement Now Implement Now
  • Ease of Client Support Ease of Client Support Ease of Client Support
  • Cross Industry Compatibility Cross Industry Compatibility Cross Industry Compatibility
  • Standardized Packages Standardized Packages Standardized Packages
  • Complementary Branding Complementary Branding Complementary Branding
Happy Clients, Happy Life

With a higher net promoter score than Amazon, Nerdio is well-loved (a win-win for you).

Implement Now

Easy to run with your existing staff and tools, and ready for you to rapidly and simply deploy to customers from day one.

Ease of Client Support

No more trudging out to your clients during all times of day, night, weekend, or holiday. With Nerdio’s centralized management portal, you get three-click remote access – so you’re in your customer’s environment in seconds for easy-to-use, day-to-day management.

  • Fast auto-provisioning
  • User and desktop management
  • Server management
  • DR testing
  • Dynamic onboarding
Cross Industry Compatibility

Have a nice niche in some markets but wish you could branch out? Nerdio works across verticals, opening up your business for expansion and diversification. And have we mentioned we’re HIPAA compliant? Because we are.

Standardized Packages

Nerdio’s easy-to-understand, easy-to-choose plans make it a breeze to move prospects off the dime, bringing you tons of new, profitable business.

Complementary Branding

Nerdio offers a stockpile of co-brandable collateral, case studies, white papers, hot leads, and much more – all for free, and all to help you monetize Nerdio for your business.

The Business Opportunity

Revenue Stability

Time to get off of the project-based roller coaster. Reliable, stable, recurring revenue (MRR)? Yes, please.

Revenue Stability

Revenue Stability

Sticky Client Relationships

No more losing clients to the next pretty-faced vendor. Once they’re in with you, they stay.

Sticky Client Relationships

Sticky Client Relationships

Services Revenues

Not only do you keep ownership of the client relationship, you keep all the services revenues. Migration, strategy, monitoring, support, line of business apps – it’s all you.

Services Revenues

Services Revenues

New Business Growth

Nerdio doesn’t ask for your clients, we bring you new ones. Lead gen delivered to your virtual doorstep. Refreshing, like a cool glass of lemonade.

New Business  Growth

New Business Growth

High Growth Market

40% historical 5 year CAGR for SMB cloud expenditures. By 2020, 78% of SMBs will be moved to the cloud, doubling current adoption rate.

High Growth  Market

High Growth Market

Healthy Margins

Tired of being offered miniscule-margin scraps? We’re not here for that nonsense. We’re happy only when both your clients and you are happy.

Healthy Margins

Healthy Margins

Explore Our Partner Program

Yes, we have all the standard stuff, but what really makes a difference for you is we’re there for you, soup to nuts – from bringing you clients, to helping close those clients, to ensuring smooth onboarding and ongoing delivery – we have your back.

Here are just a few examples:

But wait, there’s more.
Additonal information on the Nerdio Partner Program can be found here.

Partner Insights

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You are in good company

See how Nerdio lets our partners shine

I felt our transition process went very well. We had amazing help. The techs were all extremely attentive and responsive.
You guys are always the bomb!
Our old IT company handed over a pile of spaghetti and Nerdio gave us a well functioning network. Nerdio is our hero!
Nerdio quickly recognized the issue and explained thoroughly the process they would use to fix it. Quick work and quality job. Thanks.
Nerdio was a pleasure to work with. They walked me through the process very clearly.
I am very happy with the results so far and working with the team. We are above 'Very Satisfied'.  We were surprised the go-live went so well.
Thanks guys, you are the best.
Thank you for staying on top of our problem even though it was difficult to work with the user's schedule.
Nerdio looked at multiple computers and solved the problem in just a few minutes. Thanks!
Your team always follows up as promised. Thank you.
The Nerdio techs solved my needs on an immediate basis.
Great job. Nerdio continues to respond to any and all requests so that the customer feels comfortable with the transition and knows that there is continuous support.
I'm happy - my issue has been resolved and my client is happy as well.
Excellent work, as usual. Thank you.
Nerdio was very quick to respond and solved the problem right away.
Nerdio took care of my request quickly and our problem is solved.
Nerdio is always there, responding almost immediately to our requests for help and support. These guys are awesome!
I am continually impressed with how prompt, attentive and courteous everyone at Nerdio has been to work with. Thanks for standing out in the IT support world.
The recovery team did a good job and provided an expedient and efficient restoration. I was appreciative of the fact that Nerdio tried to keep updating us as often as possible thru the day and into the evening.
The Nerdio team was patient and efficient. They went through all the steps with me and gave an excellent service which made my morning great after a tough start of the day. Thanks!
Nerdio was phenomenal! The support team is really bright and experienced, but also humble and willing to look at things from a different perspective. A rare combo in IT! The support rep made himself extremely available and was flexible in planning.
Nerdio was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I'm grateful for their assistance and glad they solved my problem.
Your reps are always pleasant, courteous, and prompt in addressing whatever my IT problem is. Thank you!
Thanks for the speedy assistance!
Nerdio provided excellent service!
I appreciated how quickly Nerdio took care of my problem. And they didn't make me feel silly in the process. Keep up the great work!
Awesome response. Fixed my problem right away and it's Sunday!
The Nerdio team rocked!
The Nerdio team is very patient and very helpful! Thanks!
The Nerdio team is always extremely helpful and knowledgable!
The Nerdio team was fantastic! Great customer service and followed up with me days later to see if I was having the same problem.
Turn around was lightning speed!
Our Nerdio rep is awesome! I'm always happy when he is assigned to a ticket. This one was especially difficult as we were trying to coordinate with an unresponsive third party, but our rep really kept after them until the job was done.
Nerdio did a fantastic job. We enjoyed having them here and working with our staff. The team was extremely professional, attentive, and patient.
My Nerdio support rep was great! Very diligent and responsive. Happy to know someone like him is on our team! Thanks so much! You guys are all awesome!
The Nerdio team was helpful and quick with their assistance, thank you!
Quicker response than I expected (since I emailed outside of business hours). Service was friendly and polite. Issue ended up being on my side, but was identified quickly so I could move forward with my work. Thank you!
Thanks for the super fast resolution to our problem.
The tech team was awesome and very helpful!
Thanks for the speedy fix!
My Nerdio support rep was very friendly, helpful, and patient. Overall good experience.
The Nerdio team is great - quick assistance, courtesy, and follow-up!
Excellent support from the entire Nerdio team. This was a joint effort and they all exhibited great patience with solving my self-inflicted problem. Just outstanding support and they all are a pleasure to speak to on the phone.
Nerdio is brilliant!
A big thank you to Nerdio who really did make the migration as painless as possible.
The Nerdio team went above and beyond to work with me after hours to fix an issue so that a user wouldn't be prevented from working in the morning! Thank you!
The Nerdio team did a great job in getting us back up and running quickly. Thank you!
The Nerdio team is always excellent; quick to respond and proficient.
Great job as always! Thanks Nerdio!
Always a pleasure working with Nerdio!

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