The Nerdio Admin Portal (NAP) will give you full IT system management in just three clicks or less.

For example, new employee just joined the company? Simply login to NAP and create a user. NAP will take care of adding the user to Active Directory, assign an Office 365 license, create a desktop, install Office suite, configure antivirus, and send an email to the user with step-by-step login instructions (with videos, because easier is better). You can even copy an existing user or template to select a predefined security profile and various other attributes. But wait, there’s more. Setting up a new employee is just one example of the power of NAP-in-action.

Here’s a sampling of some other IT management tasks you can perform in just three clicks or less:

  • Copy an existing user to pre-fill Active Directory Groups and various affiliates
  • Archive (data and email) or delete users when they’ve left your organization
  • Create and manage shared mailboxes
  • Disable/enable logins
  • Reset passwords
  • Set up email forwarding
  • Manage servers
    • Change RAM, CPU or hard disk size
    • Reboot servers or create a new one
  • Bill
  • Test DR failover
  • Review complete audit logs of all management actions

Plus much, much more. NAP simplifies the management of sophisticated IT environments and allows them to be done super quickly and conveniently.

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