A personal, high-grade IT consultant that offers technology guidance, training, reviewing, and so much more.

Custom Strategy

Here’s how it works: if you opt in for a virtual CIO (vCIO), you’ll meet with them each quarter for a business review. They’ll discuss important topics with you such as your network architecture and health, training questions, storage and processing, etc. During these reviews, you’ll get loads of strategic guidance and valuable tactical direction – like how to optimally use those awesome cloud desktops, for example.

Your vCIO will help with things like:

  • Proactive technical account management
  • Guidance on new location establishment
  • Regularly scheduled disaster recovery tests
  • Quarterly business review reports and meetings
  • Local network management and troubleshooting
  • Quarterly documentation maintenance
  • Administrator and user training
  • Recommendations for system changes as business evolves

Vendor Management

Nerdio is here to make the management of IT a heck-of-a-lot easier. One way to do that by taking advantage of a key optional service provided by a Nerdio partner: vendor management.

This way, your partner will be the central point of contact for all of a client’s IT vendors, including software licensing – goodbye, vendor headaches. Your Nerdio parner will act on your behalf so you can get back to what is way more important (pretty much everything else you’re working on, right? Thought so).

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