Nerdio’s migration process is totally seamless. One day users will be working on old, unsafe desktops. The next day they’ll all be on their brand-spanking new virtual desktops with the same apps and user experience they had before – just with way better security, speed, flexibility, and more. All the while, the client’s virtual infrastructure will be chugging away behind the scenes.

Comprehensive Stepped Approach

To start off with, clients will be connected to a Nerdio Partner Onboarding Engineer and Project Manager. They’ll schedule a kickoff call to fully understand any and all expectations and create a winning plan of action.

Nerdio will always be completely transparent with you – Project Managers will work alongside clients during the whole process so they’ll be involved throughout.

And that’s not all. Here’s what else is included:

  • Project management & network diagram creation
  • System provisioning and customization
  • Discovery and inventory of existing systems
  • Microsoft software installation configuration
  • Third-party software installation & configuration
  • Onsite go-live and backup configuration
  • System monitoring and alerting setup
  • System patching policy configuration
  • Office 365 deployment and integration
  • Local network integration assistance
  • Post-launch Care

Nerdio’s dedicated Onboarding Engineers will remain in contact with their clients to ensure that everything is running super smoothly and support can always be accessed by phone, email, or chat whenever they’re needed.

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