With Nerdio, your data is safe and sound in your organization’s private cloud. And thanks to virtual desktops, safe regardless of device or location. Plus, your data will be protected by the most advanced firewalls and encryption. And to keep away unwanted intrusions, you’ll always be protected with continually up-to-date antivirus and antispyware software.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 audited Tier III data center
  • Dedicated Next-Gen firewall
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus on all desktops and servers
  • Fault tolerant dedicated compute capacity
  • Multi-factor factor authentication to protect against password theft
  • Identity Access Management (password manager and single-sign on)
  • SAN-level encryption of data-at-rest
  • Natively encrypted data transmission

Hardware Redundancy & Uptime

So, how do we protect your organization from hardware failure, you ask? Here’s the dealio. No matter the size of your organization, Nerdio ensures every single piece of hardware used is fully redundant. That means servers, storage devices, routers, and firewalls. Everything. So if something fails, downtime isn’t going to be an issue for you. That’s because our systems automatically transfer to another functional device. And we promise 100% network uptime. Now that’s awesome.

Offsite Storage

Customer systems and data safely stored in highly-secure locations – check. And since users are of course only getting screenshots of what is being stored in their private cloud servers, their desktops are secure, too.

This means users can’t muck up the works, then blame the IT staff (we’re guessing this may have happened a time or two). There will never be a risk of users losing any data if a device is lost, stolen, or broken.

Secure Data Centers

Whether locally or within the Nerdio data centers (or both), users’ data is safe. We store these backups in high-security facilities that are cooled, fire-safe, and in various locations across the country. Plus, entry to each one of these facilities is highly restricted, with multiple security measures.

And even if users aren’t storing federal-level secrets, we’ll still treat their data like classified material. We even use handprint ID sensors (which are way cooler in person than on TV).

Thirsting for more data center specs? Drink up.

  • Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade servers
  • Dell Force10 Switches
  • Nimble Storage SAN
  • 40GbE core network
  • Multiple BGP blended internet circuits
  • Next-Gen UTM/Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Onsite Video Surveillance
  • Two-Factor Physical Identity Authentication
  • Isolated Data Suites
  • Redundant backup UPS and diesel generators for emergency power
  • Annual SOC2 type 2 audits

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